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Mid Century Collection 

Now Exhibiting at Esho Gallery

Sydney's leading Mid-Century Furniture destination

Christine Esho - Owner at Esho Gallery

Established by Christine Esho in 2020, Esho Gallery specialises in Mid-Century furniture and contemporary art. We exhibit Australia's most existing emerging artist. 

Our philosophy is driven by a passion for sustainability, authenticity and redefining how we live. Our work is featured in film sets, antique collections, museum exhibitions and everyday living rooms around Australia. 



Furniture Collection

Mid Century Furniture by Esho Gallery

Our danish inspired collection includes original brands such as Burgess, Chiswell, Don Rex, Elite, Summertone and Parker. We tend to stock living and dining room pieces. 

We also exhibit a range of hand made, custom pieces designer and crafted by our team. These pieces are inspired by Japanese zen philosophy and fossilised timber. Built from reclaimed timber at the highest sustainability standards. 


Art by Esho Gallery

Our art collection embraces a modern abstract style, drawing inspiration from the mid-20th century Modernist movement. Characterized by bold geometric shapes and a soothing palette of pastels juxtaposed with deep blues and blacks, each piece is a harmonious composition that speaks to balance and sophistication.

The interplay of forms and colors evokes a sense of musical rhythm and visual poetry, tapping into the minimalist sensibilities of the viewer. Perfect for contemporary spaces, these works are a nod to the iconic designs of the Bauhaus era, infused with a modern twist that resonates with today's aesthetic of elegant simplicity.

Ideal for those who appreciate art that encapsulates the essence of modern design, this collection promises to transform spaces into a haven of style and tranquility.



Bespoke Furniture by Esho Gallery

At the heart of our gallery lies the craftsmanship of bespoke furniture, where the warmth of hand-selected wood meets the precision of expert hands. Each custom piece tells a story of tradition and modernity, carved from the finest materials and shaped with a blend of classic techniques and innovative design.

Our artisans pour passion into every curve and corner, ensuring that the furniture not only stands out as a centerpiece but also imbues your space with a soulful touch of bespoke elegance. This is where functionality meets artistry, creating timeless pieces that enrich your living experience.

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